Audiotistic 2011


For Audiotistic 2011, we will create a complete sensory experience to enrich the state-of-the-art live music acts. You will not only experience a parade of slappin' beats, but also an astonishing display of eye popping production.

Cutting Edge Sounds

Audiotistic is Insomniac's signature festival that unites all styles of music culture, bringing you the most diverse music experience. You will enjoy an array of crossover talent uniting electronic music, hip-hop and turntablism through our bone shaking sound systems. This mix of talent will give you true insight into music and expose you to some of the newest sounds in the music scene.


A collection of performers will mirror the energy of the music and invigorate you all night long. Feel the power of live music, move to the beat with electrifying gogo dancer goddesses, and be captivated by a bevy of performers. We will offer you a mixture of unique performances on stage and throughout the festival grounds to add to your experience.


The atmosphere we create for you at Audiotistic is developed to entertain your eyes as your ears are filled with the unified sound projecting from the speakers. Therefore, each area of the festival will be carefully transformed top to bottom with lights and decor to fabricate a completely one-of-a-kind, intimate world that is Audiotistic.

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